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Taxi Services and Stations in Milan, Italy, Location and Prices

Milan is mainly well served by public transport; however, getting to a specific location and travelling with your suitcases is often easier to take a taxi than going up and down the subway stairs or treadmills.

Taxi Rates in Milan

The taximeter calculates the taxi fare in Milan based on municipal rates.

The treatment rate is €3.70 during the week but €6 on public holidays and €7.20 per night.

To this fixed cost of care, the price per kilometre, which amounts to €1.20 per kilometre, should be added to the sum of €17; beyond that, the cost per kilometre increases to €1.9. If the taxi travels more than 50 km/h, the price per kilometre is €2.2.

Milan Taxi Call Number


Taxi Stations in Milan

Duomo District Taxi Stations

Corso Porta Ticinese corner Largo Carrobbio
Corso Italia, 1
Largo Augusto
Piazza Cavour corner of Via Manin
Piazza Duomo (North/Northern Arcades)
Piazza Fontana
Piazza San Babila corner of Corso Matteotti
Piazzale Cadorna
Via Beltrami
Via Gonzaga M.
Via Manzoni corner Via Pisoni
Via Mercato corner of Via Tivoli

Certosa Neighborhood Taxi Stations

Piazza Castelli Pompeo
Piazzale Accursio
Piazzale del Cimitero Maggiore
Piazzale Lotto
Via Drago Maria corner Largo Boccioni
Via Masolino da Panicale

Baggio Neighborhood Taxi Stations

Via Berna corner via Saint Bon
Via Forze Armate, 364 corner via S. Apollinare
Via Gulli corner Piazzale Siena

Garibaldi District Taxi Stations

Largo Treves
Piazza della Repubblica corner of Via Parini
Piazza Ospedale Maggiore (entrance to Niguarda Hospital)
Piazza Repubblica 1
Piazzale Bausan
Piazzale Istria
Piazzale Lagosta
Via Cagliero corner of Via Evaristo Stefini
Via Farini corner via Stelvio
Via Pirelli
Via Ponte Seveso corner Viale Lunigiana
Viale Affori, 1 corner via Astesani
Viale Fulvio Testi corner via Pirelli
Viale Luigi Sturzo

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